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Alpine dishes for sharing

Delivered to you!

Eat restaurant-style food, but at home!

It's ready to eat, delivered in real cookware to share for a friendly and joyful meal, to reheat and enjoy quietly while staying warm......I then collect the dishes and finish the washing up!

A table!

Enjoy these Alpine dishes

Minimum of 2 or 3 people and 2 main dishes per delevery

5 € / pers.
  • 1 selection of cold meats
  • 2 Butternut squash soup

Main dishes
16 € / pers.
  • 3. Diots sausages in white wine/polenta
  • 4. Potée Savoyarde(hotpot with pork meat, sausages&ham hock simmered with winter vegetables)

  • 5. Lasagne served with salad
  • 6. Tartiflette served with salad

  • 7. Pela (gratin made with fried potatoes,onions and Abondance cheese), served with salad

  • 8. Crozets(local,square-shaped pasta dish with cheese and lardons)

  • 9. Farcement (traditional Sunday dish made of bacon-lined potato,onions,lardons&dried fruits)

  • 10. Osso Bucco / polenta
5 € / pers.
  • 12. Tarte of the day

  • 13. Tiramisu

  • 13. pears in red wine

For other options or for a special meal, please contact me directly

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Lovingly prepared casserole dishes delivered to your door

Relax and make the most of your evening after a long day on the slopes

The dishes delivered to your door in Châtel are prepared following the local savoir faire like our grandmothers used to do. We hope that our door-to-door service will make life easy for those who have neither the time nor the desire (or both) to cook!

Comment ça marche ?

Ordering and delivery of meals Châtel (Abondance Valley)

Choose your dishes

commande par téléphone

Order by phone

Receive and pay at your door

No washing up !

My proposition

A good meal in a real casserole dishes

Having been chef in the local restaurants  "La Ferme des Pistes" at Linga and "La Table Savoyarde" in Châtel, i now offer this service as home delivery. I will prepare traditional, copious and gourmet meals for you to savour in your apartment or chalet.

La Cocotte Savoyarde is committed to an eco-responsible approach by using returnable casseroles and dishes for a minimum of packaging and food cooked to order to minmise food waste


Les Neiges étoilées

Competition for the best "Pot au feu" in the Portes du Soleil...Thank you La place du village TV8 Mt Blanc
Ne pensez pas au dîner

La Cocotte Savoyarde makes your life easy!

New meal home delivery service available in Châtel (Abondance valley)

La Cocotte Savoyarde is a pre-ordering service for delevery the next day, please place your order before midday!!!

I hope you will enjoy discovering my casseroles in the comfort of your home as much as I enjoy making them!!!

See you very soon.....


La trécole - 951 route du linga - 74390 CHÂTEL

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